Helga Deep In Trouble - Music Composer - 2013

From the team that brought you 5 Magical Amulets. Helga Deep In Trouble is a comedy adventure game that follows the story of Helga – a strict leader of a small game development studio. As her studio struggles to survive in harsh economic climate, Helga is eventually forced to leave the lead position and she is replaced by an incompetent former secretary called Magda... For more information and a snippet of my music, please visit: http://www.helgagame.com

Cold Winter Waiting - Sound Designer - 2011

Corrosion: Cold Winter Waiting is a dark, shocking, and fear charged mystery horror game, that casts the player in the role of Sheriff Alex Truman as he attempts to piece together the origins of a disturbed and unidentified car crash victim.

For more info, visit:  www.coldwinterwaiting.com

The Fireflys - The Warning Bell Album - Producer/Engineer

The Fireflys are a local Runcorn rock band consisting of Lee Wylding - Vocals & Lead Guitar, Richies Jones - Drums, Johnny Campbell - Bass Guitar and Matt Chapman on Rhythm Guitar. You can listen to one of the tracks which was written by the band and produced and recorded by myself at the studio Myspace page: www.myspace.com/rhythmattic

Lee Wylding - Solo EP - Producer/Engineer

Lee is the songwriter, guitarist and lead singer in Runcorn Rock band The FireFlys. Together we worked on an EP. A preview of which can be found on his Myspace page.

Killing Floor - Unreal Tournament Mod - Joint Music Contributor

Play as a squad of marines, you must use firepower and teamwork to drive back massive hordes of bloodthirsty zombies. Killing Floor was one of my most successful projects to date, it was featured in several gaming magazines and later bought out by Tripwire Interactive for retail release. The tracks I created were:

  • The End is Nigh (Menu Music),
  • Deep Down, Dark and Dirty,
  • Here They Come AKA Let's Play With Zombies,
  • March of a Thousand Zombies AKA Chainsaw Chaos,
  • Zombie Rock AKA Kill 'em With Style

You can download the Rattic Killing Floor collection from: HERE

Stargate: Battle For Mankind - Composer

This was a fan based Stargate game which used the Unreal Tournament 2004 engine. Visit distant worlds with just one step through the ancient stargate to defeat the evil Goa'uld.

MiniSpy - Sound Designer

MiniSpy was created for the $1,000,000 Make Something Unreal Contest. The contest was such a success that Unreal developers Epic, used MiniSpy to help show what was possible with their engine at the biggest game developers conference in the world, E3.

Adagio - Music Composer

Adagio is an old skool, 2D, side scrolling shoot 'em up, which featured old skool arcade music to boot! You can watch the video to the left to hear the in-game music for level one and the boss music at the end. NOTE: I didn't create the menu music or sound effects.

Visit the website to download Adagio FREE

Five Magical Amulets - Sound Designer

Five Magical Amulets is a traditional fairytale adventure game. It tells the story about a girl named Linda who has to save the kingdom of Nyron from the rule of an evil wizard.

Originally designed for PC, now available for IPad and IPhone. Visit www.offstudio.cz for more info.


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